Awards & Grants

Young Investigators Research and Travelling Scholarship to Adelaide/ Australia (Swiss National Foundation)

Research Scholarship (Ciba-Geigy Jubilee Foundation, Basel/ Switzerland)

Best presentation award for the paper “Salahuddin S, Hussain H, Kaniruddin N, Hashimi A, Buchholz NP, Gohar A, Khan J: Prescribing TB drugs: Russian roulette or safeplay” (Society of Chest Physicians, Quetta/ Pakistan)

Research grant for the project “Biyabani R., Buchholz NP, Talati J, Sutton R, Rahbar H: Is urine citrate excretion genetically determined?“ (The Aga Khan University Karachi/ Pakistan)

Research grant for the project “Buchholz NP, Salahuddin-Buchholz S, Kok D: Three glasses a day keep the stone away – the development of a new tasty anti-stone drink” (Urological Scientific Research Foundation SUWO, Rotterdam/ The Netherlands)

Research Grant for the project “Do Spirastents speed up residual fragment clearance after ESWL of large kidney stones?” (Urosurge®, Coralville, USA)

Research grant for the project Verkoelen C, Kok D, Buchholz NP: effecten van schokgolven op tubulairenierepitheelcellen (Urological Scientific Research Foundation SUWO, Rotterdam/ the Netherlands)

Accreditation of The Higher Urology Training Program of Barts& The London NHS Trust Urology Dept. by the European Board of Urology EBU

Best poster award: Salahuddin S, Kok DJ, Buchholz N: Dosage alterations to prevent intratubularIndinavir crystallization. XXth Congress of the European Association of Urology, Istanbul, 2005

Merit Award “Surgery Team of the Year”, Hospital Doctor, Sutton/ United Kingdom

Corrie/ Cattlin Prize for Medical Research, St. Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Charitable Foundation, London/ United Kingdom

Outstanding Poster Award for :Staios D, Iliyya LK, Bogris S, Bafaloukas N, Buchholz N: Our experience of Manual Stent Register. World Congress of Endourology WCE, Cleveland/ USA

Nominee Excellence in Teamwork Award, Celebrating Success Awards 2007, Barts& The London NHS Trust, London/ UK

Awarded Centre of Excellence Status for the Treatment of Upper Urinary Tract Stones. European Board of Urology (EBU)

Highlight Poster Award for “El-Husseiny T, Moraitis K, Maan Z, Birch M, Masood J, Buchholz N: The new Invisio® DUR-D “chip-on-the-tip” ureteroscopes – evaluation of changes in physical properties over time”. 27th World Congress of Endourology WCE, Munich/ Germany

Dickens N, Buchholz N, Masood J: The impact of a virtual nurse led x-ray review in improving ultilization of shockwave lithotripsy treatment slots? EAUN Vienna/ Austria, 2011 (awarded best EAUN poster presentation (Scientific Research)). Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AMGEN (Europe)

Best poster award for: Edirisinghe TY, Bach C, Buchholz N, Knight MM: The Influence of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy on Tissue Viability around Metallic Ureteral Stents. EAU-EULIS, London/ UK

Best poster award: Zaman F, Bach C, Kumar P, Kachrilas S, Buchholz N, Masood J, Junaid I: Acceleration of competency in renal access skills by using virtual reality Perc-Mentor trainer. Poster #103, EAU Paris/ France, 2012

Winter Short Papers Prize for: Goyal A, Zaman F, Kachrilas S, Bach C, Buchholz N, Masood J: Inferior distraction of the kidney to aid upper pole and supracostal punctures during percutaneous renal access. Clinical Uro-Radiological meeting, Royal Society of Medicine, London/ UK

Best Poster award for: A. Bint-E-Siddiq1, M.M. Gabriel1, T. Nedilko1, P.A. Paulose1, C.E. Gabriel1, T.Y. Edirisinghe1, N. Buchholz2, M.M. Knight: An in vitro investigation on the effect of shockwave lithotripsy on encrusted urological stents. SIU-UK section

Honorary International Active Member of the Algerian Community of Endourologists and Laparoscopic Surgeons ACELAS